Humanity doesn't have to be human. Explore humanity with these 15 new voices in SFF.
Explore the dark night of the soul through 10 new voices in science fiction and fantasy.
Our first ever issue! You can discover 18 amazing new voices in science fiction and fantasy.


The Barking Bird

When the animals disappeared, the residents of Ballyoran called a meeting. They could live without s...

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The Baby

The team gathered for lunch around a long, narrow metal table on the observation deck of Station 49-...

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The Mincer

The first call from Dispatch came in at around 8 PM. Stench levels reached a critical Phase. Meyer a...

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Mosquito Screens

The little body between them weighed almost nothing. As though all the brightness and life that had ...

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V3 Cover Revealed!

This year, our artists have put together another great collaborative effort for stunning artwork. The image is based on the theme of humanity, with a hint of st...

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Contest results are in!

This year, our writing contest got off to a slow start. We were afraid it wouldn’t happen at all! Thankfully, in the last couple weeks, we had a major pus...

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