Pebble Baby

Waking up, she walked down to the water. There was a pebble-shaped ball and it had a heartbeat. Oddly, she felt attached, but she didn’t want to take it home. She walked further into the water and placed it between two rocks, happy that it was safe for her to get later.

Week 1.

She came back, her urge to go to the water odd since she was not thirsty. She was, however, shocked to find that her little “thing” had changed. It was the color of a peach, and it was making more of a slight heartbeat sound. She felt that she wanted to do something with the small ball, but she still felt she wasn’t ready to take it home. So she walked out even further and buried it under the sand. Once again feeling content, she walked away knowing that she was the only one that would know where it was.

Week 5.

She came back in tears, her feelings made her murky in thought as she stumbled back to the water. Her day was horrible, and no one seemed to care that she existed. She felt alone until she remembered the little ball that she buried. She raced to the little ball in horror, hoping that the clay-like sand under the water did not crush the little ball due to her burying it. She rushed into the water, teary-eyed with apologies on her tongue. There was a moment of surprise when she pulled up a pulsating, soccer ball sized thing that pulsated in her hand colored a deep purple. She cried and tried to wash the ingrained pieces of sand within it until they were all clear. She cried and held it, kissing it until night came. Then she walked down even further into the water, the soft waves lapping at her neck as she used her feet to create a cradle-like ditch in the sand, placing the ball down carefully.
Walking back, she realized that she would not talk to anyone about the ball, as she was the only one she wanted to know about it and want it.

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Brandon Bigard

Brandon Bigard

Brandon Bigard lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stories hold a dear place in Brandon’s heart, and have for as long as she recalls being told stories. Her passion for fantasy and sci-fi stems from the belief that the past, the future, the real, and the imagined collide when you write in the genres. You feel what your character is feeling and believe that anything is possible. It’s uplifting and scary; the perfect combo for a good life.
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