What You’ll Find

If you walked up to the house at 21 Cross Crew Ave. in Fa Modega—twenty-three days from now, after we are long gone—you wouldn’t know about the strange little playground that used to teeter and creak, filthy and proud, in the backyard. Or that me and my cousins used to pass the time by throwing an old hoola-hoop at the tall tree back there, making a game out of getting it stuck and working it out.

This was before the ozone layer collapsed. Before the world fell into a slightly deeper shade of shit. Before Scooby Doo Band-Aids stopped helping the hurt. Before my parents’ heads were pumped full of cancer clots from all the UV, and I used every last penny of their savings to purchase two one-way tickets on the rocket currently humming in the street—charring our already withered grass and throwing up white fingers of smoke that stretch and billow in the silver light of the moon.

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Bri Hager

Bri Hager

Bri Hager works in broadcasting for the New York Islanders, the New York Cosmos, and the Long Island Ducks. A recent college graduate, Bri holds a communications major. She secretly collects coffee mugs, but her true passion is writing. She loves the genres because these strange, little worlds are exciting and wonderful. Her story, “What You’ll Find,” won Metamorphose’s Kick-Off Contest in the flash Sci-Fi category.
Bri Hager

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