A woman in a smart skirt and white blouse pushed against the door with her shoulder. It opened slowly, heavy items sliding against the floor behind it. When she had made a gap large enough, she slipped through. The sight socked Anne. Books littered the floor. Torn pages were strewn across every surface. Glass crunched under her shoes as she walked to the old oak desk. Anne gently lifted a misshapen doll off the top, dusting off debris. She pulled it in tight to her chest.

“Wake up, Ben,” she whispered. Then she raised her voice. “Come on little one, your father is probably missing you.”

The dolls tiny eyes fluttered. His small hand clenched and he parted his lips Anne shook him gently and wiped her hand across his forehead. His eyes opened and blue pupils dilated slowly. Not as quick as a persons would have. The figure tried to speak, his mouth working, but only squeaks came out.

“It’s ok, Ben. You’ll get the hang of that,” she soothed. “I can’t believe you actually worked. Dr. DeBuin will be ecstatic. Oh, I’m Anne.”

“Anne,” Ben croaked.

“Oh my God,” Anne gasped. “That’s it Ben. The good doctor was right. He believed that with science on his side he could get a Golem to speak and be like a normal human. It’s written in legends that Golems couldn’t speak, also that they had to be made by divinity, but oh well.” Anne rattled away as she strode around the room looking for items the doctor might want or need.

She opened the bottom drawer of the oak desk and pulled out a tatty leather messenger bag. Ben watched her as she moved around. He wiggled his legs, twisting his feet. They squeaked in the black leather shoes. His tan shorts were covered with tiny pieces of broken glass and stains from dried liquids. His cream jumper was missing a sleeve. It had been ripped off and was lying by the desk. Anne was busy sorting papers off the floor, bookshelves, and out of the drawers and placing them in a neat pile on the desk. She picked up a thick, dark leather journal and added it to the already bulging bag.

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D Waggett

D Waggett

D Waggett writes science fiction, mainly aiming at the young adult genre. She is currently working on a novel concept for NaNoWriMo and short story pieces to submit online. She enjoys writing and illustrating fairy tale retellings. Her main inspirations come from Terry Pratchett, J.K. Rowling, and Tolkein. She currently lives in Tamworth with her husband and cat, who thinks it’s a dragon and hates net curtains. She also works for the local council in the tourist information center.
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