Sher’s Wood

“Forty seven thousand pounds of food supplies,” Gisborne said motioning to the hologram of the Docking Bay. He watched the Sheriff study the images of the landing cargo vessels, their contents displayed on a separate projection.

The Sheriff said nothing.

“We’ve already bombed half the planet. Our estimate is that it’ll take us another hour to finish the run.” Gisborne pressed a button on his remote and the projection was replaced by a squad of pilots performing start up processors inside their ships. Gisborne watched as they tested their comms link and adjusted the controls in the cockpit.

The Sheriff remained silent.

Masking his frustration, Gisborne explained the details of the raid—which had been plotted over several months—and awaited a reaction. When he had finished, the Sheriff lazily deactivated the holodisk and slumped back in his chair.

“Call back the pilots and send me the report by tomorrow. I think we’re done here.”  The Sheriff returned his attention to the monitor on his desk.

“Y-yes sir.” Gisborne scooped up his helmet, snapped to attention, and saluted.

This office should be mine.

How could the King have placed this bloody psychopath in charge? Gisborne had searched the ship’s database shortly after the Sheriff’s promotion. War hero, veteran. These were clearly lies written by the Sheriff and uploaded as fact.

“Why are you still here?”

“Sorry sir.” Gisborne’s jaw clenched, and he withdrew from the office.

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Jack Dowd

Jack Dowd has been writing for as long as he can remember. In 2013, his play “Captured” was performed at the Chelsea Theatre to positive feedback from the audience. In 2014, he was the assistant producer in "The Minister's Secret", a half an hour radio play. In 2015, his short story Sher’s Wood was published as a winning entry in Metamorphose V1.He graduated from London South Bank University with a 2:1 in Creative Writing and regularly updates his website.

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