The Horrors of the Future

My name is Lexi and the year is 2464. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. I have found a small group of us left, resisting the aliens that have taken over our planet. We fight every day for our lives. The aliens are always one step ahead, waiting for us when we arrive at a new camp. There were at least 5,000 of us that began the resistance, but that number has now dwindled to ten. It began ten years ago when humanity thrived…


My sister ran ahead of me, but then suddenly turned and ran back. “Come on. Hurry up! I want to get home to see mum.”

I sighed. “You’ve only been to school Emma. That’s not too long. Mum will be just as she was when we left her this morning.”

“Yeah but that’s a whole six hours ago,” she replied.

“Just go ahead and see her. I’ll be fine by myself. I am nearly eighteen, you know.” I shot back.

“Fine. I will, but if something happens to you don’t blame me!” she snapped back.

I watched as she ran off ahead. And that was the last I saw of her. When I reached my house it was a complete destruction. All that was left were several piles of bricks all placed in a hexagon three feet high. To my right was a body. I looked closer and saw it was my mother. I froze. My hand reached forward and touched her face. It was cold. She was dead. I was too shocked to cry.  Suddenly, a gust of wind blew my hair in front of my face. I looked up and there it was: the first alien spaceship. I ran behind a wall opposite the street and watched as it landed on the piles of bricks. I gasped. It was huge and I was sure it was they who had killed my mother and sister.

“Keep your head down stupid girl,” a voice hissed behind me. I whipped my head round to see Mr. Hendly, our elderly neighbor. “This has been planned for years, and one small child isn’t going to stop them. Your mother and sister are gone. Dead. And you’ll be going the same way if you’re not careful.” He hobbled back to the house with surprising speed for the age of him. I crouched and followed behind him, running to keep up. He then led me back into his house and I stood before a group of fifty people all from the surrounding area. Since then, I have been part of the human resistance and have been fighting the alien vermin.

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Leigh Patterson

Leigh Patterson

Leigh Patterson grew up in the north of England, feeding on books to keep her mind just as sharp as the rest of her. Her love for writing stems from her love for reading. Recently, she finished her A-levels and hopes to study the noble art of math at university. When not reading, she is either taking part in sports or catching up on her favorite shows. Leigh also has a passion for baking and enjoys making cakes.
Leigh Patterson

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