Life as a Goddess

Katana stripped off her torn black tights, tossing them in the trash with the ruined worlds before them. New worlds beckoned from her desk drawer. She stored scores of them there, waiting to be opened, brought to life and destroyed.

Nothing mattered more than those tights. The next pair didn’t match her short dress, but she tugged the tan fishnets on anyway, knowing full well the dreams she’d have that night—sleepy villages full of fisher folk, women weaving nets, children gathering shells and whittling bones.

She felt them crawl across her skin, their awareness expanding as she strode down the hall to her dinner meeting. Sure, it was a distraction, but she’d promised. And a Goddess doesn’t break her word.

James stared as she settled into her chair at the round mahogany table. Her boss dressed beyond the height of fashion, wearing a silk hat and coat, even indoors. He trapped a moth flitting through an open window and lit its wings with a candle. It fluttered over the tables, dripping live embers until it crumbled to ash.

Early in her Goddessing, Katana had witnessed the horrors of living with cruelty. Her bitterness demolished world after world before the inhabitants ever gained sentience.

Never again.

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R. H. Roberts

R. H. Roberts lives with her husband and six children. In her spare time, she volunteers in schools and at church. Her speaking career includes creative writing seminars and presentations on Our Amazing Ocean. She loves anything with adventure, which heavily influences her writing. She returned to writing when pregnant with her fifth child, realizing she needed a creative outlet to keep her sanity. Her first novel is currently with agents. Her story, “Life as a Goddess,” won Metamorphose’s Kick-Off Contest in the Flash Fantasy category.

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