A Walk in the Mist

The path was muddy and wet. Sam walked uphill, tugging his coffee bucket in the rain. The wild ginger plants exuded a fragrant tropical essence. The mist coming down the volcano was warm and moist, fingering its way through Sam’s farming clothes. As the path wound upwards, Sam grunted with exertion. His sticky sweat mixed with the volcanic moisture, soaking his hair and face.

When Sam rounded the bend, he stopped. In front of him stood a pale figure, unmoving, a sculpted garden statue. She was naked with long blonde hair down to her waist. When she saw Sam, she moved closer to him. Wet curls framed her face and her large, swollen, blue eyes peered out at him. She walked toward him in silence, her bare feet oozing blood from the harsh lava rocks on the path, and her glistening skin goose bumps in the mist.

Sam stood still, clutching his bucket tightly… She kept moving toward him. To Sam’s surprise, she walked past him.

“Wait a minute,” Sam cried out. “Are you lost?”

She turned. “I was lost before you found me,” she replied softly.

“But you’re on my land. This is my farm. What are you doing here?”

“I live here.” She turned and walked toward Sam again.

“What do you mean you live here? This farm belongs to my family. We’ve owned this land for over a hundred years.”

She walked up to Sam and kissed him.

Sam trembled. He felt the warmth and softness of her breasts against his wet skin.

“I am the woman in your dreams, the one you call for in the pit of the night, in the morning strident air. I am in you and around you. I am the Goddess of your land. I bless you as you pick your crops. I am the wind whispering in your ears, and I am the sun burning your longing lips.”

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Shelby Londyn-Heath

Shelby Londyn-Heath is a writer from Hawaii. She was a finalist for the Hopewell Publishing Best of New Writers, 2014. Her first novel, The Twilight Tsunami, is due for publication in 2015.

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