Ticker Hearts

The man whirred himself into the kitchen. Looking at the tea and coffee buttons, he decided to go for coffee today. The red light flashed; there was a gurgle, a buzz, and his drink was dispensed from the lower slot in the machine. He picked his sandwich up from the pre-programmed dispenser and whirred himself to sit in front of the screen on the inner wall at the front of the house. The screen stretched across all four corners of the wall. It could be stretched to any dimension under 50 feet wide. His was stretched modestly across about half that.

He motioned with his head, and the screen switched on. Bright lights flashed and he began to watch his pre-programmed line-up of favorite shows: robot chefs demonstrating new cooking machines; robot technicians showing the latest technology to help man be more immobile; other programs showed the latest developments in transport.

Then, of course, there were the fictional programs. They were filled with walking people, people that laughed and talked to each other. These programs seemed to allude to unseen things like sensations and feelings, and, strangest of all, green landscapes and flowing waters outdoors. There were big creatures and small. Some crawling on four legs, others on two, and some on no legs at all. A bit like him, he mused as he glanced down at himself. There were also small creatures with wings that flew, sometimes in groups.

And they sang. He loved to listen to that most of all.

The man, however, was unsure about what a lot of this meant, since it was fiction after all. He only knew the names that sometimes flashed on the screen. Some said the world looked like that about 200 years ago. What a strange thought.

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Faye Black

Faye Black is British-born and of Indian origin. She is a graduate of foreign languages and Translation Studies. Faye has written fiction from a young age, experimenting with multiple genres. Through her stories, she highlights ethical and moral issues, through which she hopes to inspire her readers.

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