The Hunters

Drago leaned back on his bar stool analyzing the newest bounty in his inventory. Arak Ta’an, pirate lieutenant. Wanted on multiple counts: extortion, homicide, piracy, theft, illegal possession of drugs, illegal possession of weapons, kidnapping, and blackmail. Classification: Changeling, able to take form of anything seen. Galactic Federation reward: 50,000,000 credits dead or alive. Show this holo-pad to recieve payment. Drago cringed at Arak’s hideous arachnoid features. Further details flashed over the holo-pad: last known location, armed and highly dangerous, the usual array of Federation bounty warnings for pirates. Pocketing the holo-pad, Drago looked around hopeful for the attention of the bar tender. The obese creature grumbled as each of its four arms performed independent duties. Unable to hail the tender’s attention over the high pitched jabber and disagreeable music, Drago sat forward once more and stared at his empty glass.

“What’s a human like you doing in a place like this?” a feminine voice whispered into his ear. Drago felt a soft caress on his shoulder sending a small shiver up his back as a particularly striking young creature occupied the stool next to his. “Humans are few and far between this far outside Sigma Quadrant.”

“Drinks are fresh, and the food is hot,” Drago started, turning to meet a pair of enchanting eyes. “What’s so wrong with being here?” Giving her a once over, Drago perked an eyebrow at her flawlessly radiant, sky-blue skin.

“Nothing at all handsome,” she folded her hands under her chin batting her eyelashes. “My name is Terra.” Drago felt another light caress, this time along his back moving under his arm and up his chest to his chin. Terra’s slender tail rested there for a moment before she relaxed it.

“Drago,” he said lost in the black and gold speckles of her irises.

“Care to order me a drink?” she asked, slowly moving her face towards his.

“Yeah,” Drago whispered, boldly taking hold of Terra’s shirt, pulling her closer, “I’m not buying you a drink.” She felt the warmth of his breath brush across her ear.

“Oh, why’s that?” Terra’s voice quivered as shivers raced across her body.

“Because I’m about to leave.”

“Awe, not yet,” Terra said smiling and blushing slightly. “Please, just one drink?” She said pouting her bottom lip.

“I’m sure the drooling tender will be happy to oblige.” Drago stood and left the bar.

Electric whines and incoherent reverberations plagued the enormous buildings of Xerxes IX. Slipping his hand into his pocket, he froze, a boiling heat bubbling in his chest.

“That bitch!” he bellowed turning around.

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