Burn the Witch

Previously published on Metamorphose, Burn the Witch was the top story of 2015. Now you can read it in Metamorphose V2 today! Click the button to get your copy.

The roiling liquid in the pot fought against my stirring. Its angry boil launched specks of burning lard onto my face and arms, leaving red marks that left me speckled like a toad. I knew I wasn’t beautiful to begin with, and one more burn on my face would just be a drop in the bucket. The concoction itself was light pink with rose petals and smelled of jealously. My heart ached from prayers for success and hatred. It was she who turned me into this. She was jealous. She saw the two of us together, so she cried witch.

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Katie Krantz

Katie Krantz

Katie Krantz is a freelance writer, journalist, and student. She intends to one day have a career in writing. Katie loves extreme hyperbole, cats, and peppermint. Katie lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently attempting to visit every vintage shop in the city.
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