THE HUNGER GAMES by Susanne Collins

I started this novel for two reasons:
1) It has so many rave reviews and I enjoy the films.
2) I am currently writing a YA book and thought this would be a good case study on how to do it right.

First, I want to say I was right on the second one. It helped me a lot with some of the issues I’m having just by analyzing the way this book is written. It also helped me feel more confident about what I’ve written so far. As a case study for anyone writing YA Lit, I highly recommend reading it.

As for the first part, as is typical with books to film, there is so much content in this book that just doesn’t come across in the films. Katniss is far more practical and socially-oblivious than I first thought. I enjoyed reading her far more than watching her, and I connected with the novel version of her character far better. While the plot is pretty much the same, there are little nuances that don’t translate to the screen.

The only issue I can honestly say I had with this book was how fast it read. I’m a very slow reader normally, but I flew through the book. Some people could say it is a good thing that it isn’t a complex, but I thought she could have made the reading a little more challenging. In the end, the speed of the book is what actually lost it points in my final review.

But that could just be a matter of preference.

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