Contest results are in!

This year, our writing contest got off to a slow start. We were afraid it wouldn’t happen at all! Thankfully, in the last couple weeks, we had a major push for submissions. It left us with some interesting stories to read through.

Because we had so many late submissions, it took us longer than normal to read through them all and make a decision, but we are thrilled with the results! There is a good mix of science fiction and fantasy this year, with our winning submission a work of fantasy in the Novice category and a steampunk fantasy in the Initiate category. The cover design is already in the works, and it should be just as stunning as last year (if not more so).

Several submissions were rejected, but the emails came back to us as undeliverable. There was also an acceptance we had to reject because the email address didn’t work. Please, if you submit, make sure that the information you give us is accurate, so you don’t lose a chance at publication.

All the contracts are in for our authors, and we are looking forward to presenting stories by:

  • Alkaid Tsuki
  • Hugh McGovern
  • D.J. Vanderstadt
  • Kevin Martin
  • Laura Campbell
  • Shaun Baines
  • Paul Proffet
  • Denis Burke
  • Emma Smith
  • Finnbar Howell
  • Trent L Cannon
  • S.F. Raven
  • Jack Dowd
  • Star Grey
  • James Douglas Wallace

It should be another good year! Thank you all for your support.

Tammy Davies

Tammy Davies

Tammy is a fantasy addict with a passion for helping others. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and Publishing from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Her passion for the speculative genres inspired her to start Metamorphose to help new authors find a home. In addition to this, Tammy also works as an editor for Metamorphose Press, specializing in speculative fiction and book design.
Tammy Davies



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