The air in the warehouse filled Grey’s nose with the stale stench of copper and cedar. He hid behind munitions boxes with his sister, Raven, watching. Two guards in BeneCorp camouflage uniforms stood on either side of Ashe, holding him still. Lord Alvin sat in a chair, a marksman at his side. Ashes wrists were bleeding, and his face was swollen. Grey calculated his chances of taking them all out.

“You broke your oath to this organization,” Lord Alvin said. “It fills me with sadness. I had high hopes for you.”

Grey tried to move, his heart pounding. He had to save Ashe. Raven’s hand closed on his arm, and she shook her head. They would all die if he tried.

“Fire when ready.”

The gunshot rang out, and Ashe’s body fell to the ground. Red and hate filled Grey’s vision. He tried to pull away from Raven, but her grip was firm. They had to leave. Somewhere in his mind, he knew it was true, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. If Lord Alvin found out they knew about this, Raven would be next. They needed help. I’ll find the Refugees, he promised Ashe. Then I will kill Lord Alvin myself.

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