Leon Strange

Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed.

The thought rang through my head as I stumbled to my feet. I said rang because that was the noise the thought had to compete with. My hand pressed against something rough and stone as I dragged myself to my feet, clinging to it for dear life as I struggled to make sense of my surroundings.

I’d been running through a closed park, sneaking through the opening in the tall fence along the River Ouse that is usually used by teenagers looking to be just rebellious enough to impress their friends. I used the path because it was a quicker way through town. If I was late to date night one more time, Sarah would either end me or our relationship. Sometimes it was tough to tell which. Besides, there were worse places in York to rush through than the Museum Gardens. It overflowed with a mixture of nature and history that always had a new surprise.

Some days more than others.

“I must suggest that you flee. You will only distract me.”

Accidental poetry aside, the woman’s voice shook some of the cobwebs clear from my head. I lifted my gaze from my feet. I’d wandered around the corner of a stone structure, left over from either Roman or Medieval times, hearing a woman shout, expecting to find the victim of a broken heel on the cobblestones or someone startled by some geese walking around like they own the place. Both are perfectly valid things to find on a warm evening in York.

Big, green, and frighteningly strong, I hadn’t been expecting. The thing in front of me looked like something out of a nightmare, with its too-long arms and too-broad face filled with a bulbous, crooked nose and mouth full of broken teeth. It loomed over me and the rest of the gardens, a giant in a world two sizes too small. I wanted to check behind me, to see if the park was still there, but I didn’t dare take my eyes off it.

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Trent L. Cannon

Trent is an American writer, gamer, and geek living in England. When he isn’t pretending to be a productive member of society, he daydreams about making up worlds or wishing he could shoot fire from his fists. As a teenager, he began writing these things down, and he’s been doing it ever since. Trent regularly contributes articles to Fantasy-Faction.com and Zero1Gaming.com, and writes short stories and novels in just about any genre that doesn’t require him to stick too close to reality.

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