Our Mission

Getting published is hard. Metamorphose aims to help with that.

We are about more than just getting authors’ words in print – be it digital or print. We want to help them reach their fullest potential by establishing relationships and offering partner assistance.

Our goal is to get a strong enough base of authors to produce 2-4 print issues per year. If we grow large enough, Metamorphose hopes to become an SFWA qualifying market.

Our Method

One of the reasons many aspiring authors get rejected is because their stories are either not edited properly or not fully developed.

To help authors put their best foot forward and learn what it takes to reach publishing success, our staff takes the time to work with every author we accept. We teach the techniques necessary to improve writing.

Our authors raise through authorship levels the more they publish with Metamorphose. The idea is that by the time an author reaches Fabler level, they will be familiar enough with the techniques of writing and editing to create polished work with minimal effort.

Metamorphose Group

Metamorphose began in 2014 as an online source of craft articles and a place for unpublished authors to get started. We were so small we couldn’t pay our staff or our authors.

Today, Metamorphose has a great team of volunteers, which continues to grow. Our authors have requested to come back and publish with us again. We can pay a nominal fee to our more experienced authors.

Metamorphose has also expanded. Soon, we will launch our small press and indie publishing service, Metamorphose Press. It gives us the opportunity to help our authors beyond short fiction and into the book publishing world. Metamorphose Press includes author platform assistance, marketing advice, editing services, publication layout, craft articles, and more.

In the years to come, we expect to see more exciting growth.

Learn more about the Metamorphose Staff. Want to join the staff or intern with us? Learn more about our career opportunities.

Tammy Davies
Senior Editor/Founder at |

Tammy is a fantasy addict with a passion for helping others. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and Publishing from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Her passion for the speculative genres inspired her to start Metamorphose to help new authors find a home. In addition to this, Tammy also works as an editor for Metamorphose Press, specializing in speculative fiction and book design.