TSM Davies Photo

Tammy Davies

Founder/Senior Editor

Tammy is a fantasy addict with a passion for helping others. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and Publishing from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. Her love for the speculative genres inspired her to start Metamorphose to help new authors find a home. Tammy also works as an editor, marketer, and book design for Metamorphose Press.


Alya Demina

Alya Demina

Associate Editor

Alya Demina is a fiction writer and editor, formerly a video game producer, an English teacher, a Spanish simultaneous interpreter, and a sleepless leader of volunteer artists who painted concrete fences in the middle of nowhere in Russia. Alya loves the SFF genre because it offers a safe space for experiments and lets your imagination run riot. She lives in Berlin, Germany.



Lyn Lee

Marketing Associate

Lyn is a science fiction addict with a strong sense of humor. Her favorite author is Douglas Adams. She is a graduate from UCLA with a major in Marketing, focusing on social media and online platforms. It’s Lyn’s belief that the answer to marketing, the universe and everything in it is 42.



Alex James

Web Coordinator

Alex enjoys 3D art and design almost as much as he loves LARPing. His favorite places to explore are Cons and Renn Faires. Alex has a strong passion for fantasy and a tendency to not stay in one place for long. His favorite author is Terry Brooks. In 2014, Alex graduated from SNHU with a BA in Graphic Design & Media Art. Now he just helps us maintain a great website.


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