2016 Contest Winner & Featured Author Continues Success

Our number one goal at Metamorphose is to seek out undiscovered talent in the science fiction and fantasy genres and...

Best of 2016 Winner (And how you can win in 2017)

Best of 2016 Winner (And how you can win in 2017)

Have you ordered our newest issue, Metamorphose V3? If not, you have no idea what you’re missing. V3 contains 14...

Best of 2015 Winner & How You Can Win 2016!

Have you checked out our newest issue, Metamorphose V2? If not, you have no idea what you're missing. V2 contains 9 new voices in science fiction and fantasy short stories... and 1 you probably already know.
It's no big secret that we love to feature our authors and give them as much spotlight as our staff can shed. It's also no secret that every year one of our stories from the previous year is selected to join the ranks of our contest winners in the print issue. This year the winner of the Best of 2015 went to Katie Krantz. Her short story, "Burn the Witch", was a mega-board sweeper with hits, ranking nearly a thousand over the second runner-up. To anyone who read her story, it shouldn't be much of a surprise. Katie's mastery of vivid language and emotion brought the story to life. As winner, Katie's story is featured in V2 and her name takes center stage on the cover, along with our contest winners and honorable mentions. It's recognition well-deserved. And the best news is, Katie isn't done yet. We just scheduled her next story, "The Woods Feels Alive", for release on November 11, 2016 (link not active until this date). After all, when you're on a roll, why stop there? Congratulations to Katie Krantz! You're well on your way to becoming a Metamorphose Initiate! The success doesn't have to belong to just her though. There's still time to get your story in the running as the best of 2016, if you submit by November 14. Have a great fantasy or science fiction story you want to submit? Don't wait. Submit today! Want your copy of Metamorphose V2? It's not too late. Order a print copy now and get 25% off cover price.