The Sentencing

The familiar scent of sweet-tree oil filled Dayen as he sat on the bench, back facing the polished wooden wall of the Elder Council antechamber. Two elven guard...

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The Woods Feels Alive

Each footstep pounding on the ground smashed the rotting leaves deeper into the trail. Her lungs heaved on toward the end of the run. Her face red and eyes brig...

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Fly Away, Sorrow Birds

They come at you so softly. They are already upon you when you feel them. Sorrow birds. A big flock of sorrow birds live in Wongoondy, at Waratah Way. They are ...

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Her hair was red, or ginger to be precise, the tinge toward blonde rather than auburn, the bright breeziness of a summer’s day rather than sweltering heat of th...

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The Hunters

October 31st, 2016

Drago leaned back on his bar stool analyzing the newest bounty in his inventory. Arak Ta’an, pirate lieutenant. Wanted on multiple counts: extortion, homicide, ...

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Rachel Can See

October 30th, 2016

My ‘Best Friend’ 8:30 a.m. First day of my final week in Year Six at St. John’s. Mum dropped me off and this girl came running over to me telling me about some ...

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Stars Over Holonyak County

October 28th, 2016

The night will be dark, but the street will be diode luminescent. Thousands of tiny flashes will stream past the grill of Rashid’s auto as it accelerates over t...

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The Old Rulers of Klatan

October 26th, 2016

As an avid traveler, you must go to the Omega Six quadrant of the Neutral Zone, down to the Las Vegas-style moon, Bengazzi, orbiting Vespa Green. It is the go-t...

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