Metamorphose offers a variety of author features to help with promotion not only of books, but short stories, blogs, websites, and more. These features are available to Novices (w/ at least 1 story published w/ Metamorphose), Initiates, and Fablers.

If you are looking for a book review, please visit the Book Review request page.

Author Q&A

Have you found recent success in the short story/novel market?
Do you have a book coming out? We are happy to help promote it.

To submit yourself for an author interview, just fill in the request and select Author Q&A. We will be in touch!


Character Interview

For a little variety, Metamorphose is willing to interview original characters from author short stories or full-length novels. Characters must be:

~have a story to tell

To submit your character for an interview, just fill in the request and select Character Interview. We will be in touch!

Author Spotlight

Even new authors deserved to be featured.

If you are interested in having Metamorphose write up a feature about you and your work, fill in the form and select Author Feature.

We will be in touch for details.



Have an idea for an author feature we don’t have listed?

Metamorphose is open to suggestions.

Just fill in the form and select Other, and enter a brief title in the blank.

We will be in touch for details.

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Tammy is a fantasy addict with a passion for helping others. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and Publishing from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Her passion for the speculative genres inspired her to start Metamorphose to help new authors find a home. In addition to this, Tammy also works as an editor for Metamorphose Press, specializing in speculative fiction and book design.