General Submission

Submission Guidelines

Metamorphose is open to submissions all year. We accept work in science fiction and fantasy from previously unpublished authors. We enjoy stories both funny and dark, as long as they have a clear element of the genres. We particularly love old fashion, non-cliché S&S fantasy.

Please submit stories according to your authorship level. Submissions that do not follow submission guidelines will not be considered – or worse, you may not hear anything at all.

Stories MUST be:

  • previously unpublished (this includes websites, blogs, and social media)
  • within authorship WC limits
    • Novice: 0-2 stories; 1,500 words
    • Initiate: 3-4 stories; 3,500 words
    • Fabler: 5+ stories; 7,000 words
  • Standard Manuscript Format
  • .doc/.docx format

There is a $5 reading fee for all submissions. When you click “Submit” you will be redirected to PayPal to complete secure payment. Once that is processed, you will be redirected to our submission form.