We strive to provide you with the answers to your questions. Please review these most common questions before contacting Metamorphose. If the answer is here, we may just respond with a link to this page.

If you have a question not covered here, please feel free to get in touch via the Contact page. We do our best to respond promptly.

Why do you charge a submission fee?

When we started out, we didn’t want to charge authors anything, but we wanted to find a way to pay them. After sending out many in-depth surveys, we discovered that authors were willing to pay a submission fee if there was a payment for publication.

Why do you scale your authorship levels?

Since our primary focus is on unpublished authors, we have learned that everyone has particular stylistic habits which could be holding them back. We want to help correct those habits. Authors who haven’t published with us or anyone else tend to make the same mistakes in their writing over and over.

To help, we set up different levels of authorship for those who have published with us more. These three different levels of authorship often show in their writing. This is also why the more experienced authors are permitted to submit longer works of SFF than the novice writers.

How does the editing process work?

Once a story is accepted for publication, an editor works one-on-one with that author to not only clean up the grammar but help with developmental edits. The editor reads the story and sends it to the author to check the suggested edits and revise the story, then sends it back. Most stories typically go through 3-5 rounds of editing.

How long does it take to hear back about my submission?

Our turn around time is formally 2-4 weeks, though some authors hear back in less than one. The number of submissions waiting for a response, as well as current workload, can affect wait times beyond 4 weeks. If you haven’t heard back after 4 weeks have passed, it is acceptable to contact us and ask about the status of your submission.

If you have submitted to a contest, it can take as much as one month after the final deadline before you hear from us. The longer it takes to hear about your contest entry, the better it is for you. That just means you are still in consideration. Please be patient. If you haven’t heard anything 4 weeks AFTER the close of the contest, you can ask about the status of your submission.

What is Gravatar email and why do I need it?

Gravatar is a profile website. You upload a photo and basic profile information to the site, and it is available to our web host.

Metamorphose offers author profiles for everyone we publish. This means every story you publish on our website will link to an Author page. That author page has an image of the author, short bio, links their website, Twitter, and Facebook pages, and a list of all the stories published with Metamorphose. It’s all in one place! The image used for the author page is pulled from Gravatar automatically by our web host.

Gravatar emails are not a requirement, but we strongly recommend them to our authors. Author pages which do not use a Gravatar email have a stock image on the profile (which Gravatar has control over).

How does the online publishing process work?

Once your story is accepted for online publication, you will receive a link to our Publishing Agreement. We obtain a copy of your agreement once you submit. An editor will contact you within 1-2 weeks from that date to begin the editing process. Once the author and editor approve the final copy, it is uploaded to the website and given a publication date. We will then ask to verify your author bio and links you want on your Author page. You will receive a copy of your publication date and a link to use once the story goes live.

How does the print publishing process work?

Authors who are asked to publish in our print issue will receive a Print Publishing Agreement link upon acceptance. An editor will contact you within 2-4 weeks from the due date of the agreement to begin the editing process. You will also receive a link to a timeline for publication. This will let you know when your revisions are due, what to expect during the process and information about when marketing will be released.

Once final copy is approved, the editor will verify the author bio, as well as links to your website, Twitter, and Facebook pages for your online profile. Editors and staff are in frequent contact with authors to ensure the process goes smoothly from acceptance to publication and beyond.

How does the print issue work and how do I get in it?

Authors published in our print issue have been strictly contest entries in the past. We also select 1 or 2 of the most popular stories from our website to be included in the print issue. After V2, we are working toward building a strong foundation of authors.

In 2017, authors who reach the Initiate level of authorship can request their story be considered for the print issue instead of online publication. This will only be available to Initiate level authors for a limited time until we have a strong base of Fabler-level authors.

Once we have a large base of Fabler level authors, the print issue will be exclusive to Fabler level of authorship, as well as winners of the writing contest. Stories submitted at Fabler level of authorship are only considered for the print issue (unless the author requests online publication during submission). We also aim to work our way up to 4 print issues per year, instead of one. That means more opportunities for our Fablers.

How are stories from the website selected for the print issue?

Each year we select 1 or 2 stories from our website to include in the print issue. The selection process is based on which stories get the most hits. The story with the most hits will be selected, and the author will be notified via the email they provided. At that time they will receive a link to the Print Publishing Agreement.

Authors who are selected for the print issue are allowed to make revisions/updates to the story before publication.

Do you still pay royalties on print issues?

Yes. Metamorphose pays all authors published in the print issues a royalty after 500 copies are sold. The percentage of royalty varies from one issue to the next by how many authors are accepted. For instance, an issue with 18 authors will have a smaller percent than an issue with 10 authors. All royalty payments are made via PayPal.

What are first publication rights?

Metamorphose retains first publication rights to all stories published both online and in print. First publication rights are given by the author, agreeing to allow Metamorphose the first right to publish the story. The author agrees that Metamorphose will be allowed to publish the story before anyone else, and it has not been published elsewhere (publisher, website, blog, social media, etc.).

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